Wolyniec Construction, Inc.
Wolyniec Construction, Inc.
Wolyniec Construction,Inc. is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to perform as a prime contractor or subcontractor for the following classifications:
-Clearing and Grubbing
-Building Demolition
-Excavating and Grading
-Rigid Base Course
-Bituminous Pavement Patching & Repair
-Rigid Pavement
-Rigid Pavement Patching & Repair
-Drainage, Water Main and Storm Sewer
-Curbs, Sidewalks, Inlets and Manholes
-Maintenance and Protection of Traffic
-Sign Placement (post/structure mounted)
-Cement Concrete Structures
-Culverts, Single-span Bridges to 25 M
-Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures
-Modified Concrete Deck Overlays
-Bridge Removal
-Bridge Construction
Wolyniec Construction, Inc. J&F Ready mix Concrete
Wolyniec Construction, Inc.

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