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Wolyniec Construction / J&F Ready Mix- Portfolio

Below is a list of recent notable projects. From Danville to Lockhaven and everywhere in between you'll see quality work we've done.

  1. Contract work for various Universities/Colleges.
    1. Susquehanna University
    2. Bucknell University
    3. Lycoming College
    4. Penn College
    5. Bloomsburg University
  1. Susquehanna Health System—Helipad
  2. Bloomsburg Fountain restoration
  3. Jersey Shore Community pool
  4. Williamsport Country Club—sidewalks/steps
  5. Lewisburg Pool Renovations
  6. Lycoming Mall round-about (Traffic Circle)
  7. Lock Haven Streetscape projects
  8. Williamsport Streetscape projects
  9. Montoursville Streetscape projects
  10. Lonza—miscellaneous concrete work
  11. Brusters Ice cream—Concrete work
  12. Proctor Road Bridge
  13. New Rt. 15 Cowanesque River Bridges-anti-icing system on bridge decks
  14. PennDOT SR 147 Northumberland Co. Rock Protection Fence
  15. Susquehanna Health System—Parking Lots-concrete work
  16. Buckhorn Wal-Mart and Lowes—Concrete curbing
  17. Best Buy Lycoming Mall—concrete curbing/sidewalk
  18. Bloomsburg University Tennis Courts
  19. Bloomsburg University Sidewalks & Walkways
  20. Wal-Mart Lewisburg-- concrete curbing/sidewalk
  21. Bear Creek Dam
  22. Lock Haven Grove Street streetscape
  23. Weatherfield Development
  24. Montoursville Broad Street streetscape
  25. Water Tower Square-- concrete curbing/sidewalk
  26. Masonic Temple—handicap ramps
  27. Milton King Street-sidewalks
  28. Mill Creek curb
  29. Lewisburg Cancer Care-- concrete curbing/sidewalk
  30. Fry’s Plastic-- concrete curbing/sidewalk
  31. PMF Industries-- concrete curbing/sidewalk
  32. Williamsport Cinemaplex-- concrete curbing/sidewalk
  33. Loyalsock Township slip form curbing
  34. Geisenger Danville Woodbine Lane-- concrete curbing/sidewalk
  35. Pawling Station Business Park-- concrete curbing/sidewalk
  36. Williamsport Country Club—floor repairs
  37. Jersey Shore Hospital-- concrete curbing/sidewalk
  38. St. Paul Street improvement Lewisburg-- concrete curbing/sidewalk
  39. Pepsi—floor replacement
  40. Smurfit Stone
  41. Lewisburg Ford Garage-- concrete curbing/sidewalk
  42. Clarion Drive Loyalsock Township
  43. Susquehanna Health System-EMS parking lot, Central Utility Plant—Concrete work
  44. Wertman Road Bridge Northumberland County
  45. Williamsport Beltway- structure rehabilitation
  46. Lycoming Crossing-- concrete curbing/sidewalk